About KinkyStyle.net

KinkyStyle is my personal erotic fetish photography site. It is not intended for minors or people who are easily offended by nudity or fetish photography. It IS intended for people with a healthy interest in sexy women, preferably in latex, PVC, bondage, leather, etc.

Why this site?

I’ve always liked women in shiny outfits and bondage… So in 2004 I decided started photographing them.
And wouldn’t it be a shame to keep these pictures all to myself and not do anything else with them? 🙂 Especially if a lot of time went in to creating them or sometimes manipulating them. So I want to make my contribution to the fetish community and show my photos to the rest of the world.

About my photography

I’d like to think of my photography as fetish photography. Fetish covers a wide variety of things, but to me it means mostly beautiful women in shiny latex, pvc and/or bondage, although I don’t want to limit myself to anything. All things evolve and every photoshoot is a new experiment. Kinky and Stylish are the keywords.

Before a shoot, I usually have a couple of ideas I try to realise, depending on the model, the available clothing & accessories, the location, etc. But often the best ideas come during the moment. “Go with the flow”…


My thanks goes out to all the models and friends who made this site possible. And to YOU, for being my audience!