About the site

What kind of site is KinkyStyle.net?

KinkyStyle.net and KinkyStyle-Members.net contain my personal fetish and bondage pictures. Some pictures contain nudity and depictions of women in bondage. If this offends you or you’re under legal age, please leave. The free section of the site should not contain any exposed genitals, the members section does.

KinkyStyle.net and KinkyStyle-Members.net are not affiliated in any way with other sites bearing the KinkyStyle name.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

The members section contains many galleries of varied, high quality, high resolution fetish and bondage images.
Members have access to all new highres pictures and the complete KinkyStyle archive, completely uncensored!
At regular times there will be extras like “making of” movies, etc… But the focus remains on the photography.
More information here.

How often is this site updated?

I try to update a few times a month, but this depends from month to month.

How much does it cost to become a member?

One month of full access costs $29.95. Months after that cost only $24.95. Detailed info and other subscription options here.

Does the site work on my mobile device?

It should. The newest version of the site is a responsive design, so it should adapt itself to different screens sizes and resolutions. If you experience any difficulties with the site, contact me!

Can we exchange links?

Sure, I’ll consider it… if I like your site and if it deals with more or less the same subject. I don’t link to plain porn sites, illegal sites or sites that don’t respect copyright.

For more info on becoming an affiliate, check the webmasters section.

I’m already a member and have a problem with my subscription.

Please check out the Members FAQ

About the pictures

Can I spread your pictures?

No, you cannot. These pictures are for your personal viewing pleasure only. They are copyrighted material and are the property of KinkyStyle.net. So no spreading, posting, selling or hot-linking them, please. Spread the site’s address, not the pictures themselves!

All legal information can be found here.

Can I obtain prints of your pictures?

Some pictures are featured in the exclusive KinkyStyle Fetish Calendars.

A selection of my pictures may be available as prints through DeviantArt. Because of the 18+ nature of some of the pictures, you need to be a member to view and buy them there.

I want to use your photo(s) in a publication. What should I do?

Contact me! But serious offers only, please.

About the models

Who are your models? Can I contact them?

That depends solely on the models themselves. If they have a site and don’t mind being contacted regarding their modelling, then I’ll add a link to the links and/or models page. But please don’t bother them with other proposals of any kind.

I’m a model. Can I pose for you?

Yes, but only if you are a young, sexy female, between 18 and 35 and willing to pose on TFP/content sharing conditions for me. Having your own fetish clothing (latex, pvc, leather,…) is a plus, but not a requirment. You don’t need to be a professional model, but you should have at least an interest in fetish, bondage or BDSM. You should also be from my region (Netherlands, Belgium,…) or visiting or willing to travel there. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to model for me, and perhaps we can work something out. More info on the models page.

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