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A literally breathtaking video. Featuring new and eager Dutch bondage model Spring. She's tied up with a crotch rope, but when she's enjoying herself too much, we put her in a breathplay sheath as punishment. And as if breathing isn't hard enough inside the sheath, she has to avoid strangling herself by standing on her toes.
Model: Spring - Bondage: Ropemarks – Video: KinkyStyle & Ropemarks.
(5-minute video)



Sasha Gemini is back. She's a real tigress! Enjoy a top model in a top catsuit.
Model: Sasha Gemini - Photography: KinkyStyle.
(31 pictures)



Beautiful Roswell is back for some bondage action. She's tied in a straitjacket catsuit and then gagged with a huge black ball gag.
Model: Roswell Ivory - Photography: KinkyStyle.
(29 pictures)


Hotel Session

That afternoon in the hotel... Wanilianna's breasts were tied up, she had to wear an armbinder, she had to endure a spider-gag, a blindfold... Such fun we had! 😉
Model: Wanilianna - Photography & Bondage: KinkyStyle.
(71 pictures)


Gagging Reflex

A nice little video with model Lady Sweet, which was made in between the regular photo shoots.
Model: Lady Sweet - Bondage: Anonymous – Video: KinkyStyle.
(6-minute video)



Joanne Puzzle looks luscious, doesn't she? Standing at the top of the metal staircase, posing like she's untouchable, wearing her latex body and stockings. And don't you just love those boots?
Model: Joanne Puzzle - Photography: KinkyStyle.
(37 pictures)



It was time for another cosplay series. Riona Noire is X23. Watch out for her claws!
Model: Riona Noire - Photography: KinkyStyle.
(48 pictures)


Mirror Image

Pretty Sirena is getting ready to party. She's wearing a tight latex Pac-man t-shirt, red hotpants and blue heels. Some more lipstick and this redhead is ready to go! 🙂
Model: Sirena Le Noir - Photography: KinkyStyle.
(27 pictures)



This is a series with the amazing Marie Kalista that has been sitting on my hard drive for quite some time. High time to release it.
Marie is fully rubbered up in a combination of white and black latex. She's rendered faceless with a hood, blindfold and gag. Suitably presented in artistic black & white.
Model: Marie Kalista - Photography: KinkyStyle.
(38 pictures)



Newcomer Sasha Gemini looks innocent and sweet, but is she now? 😉 She's wearing a hot latex top, micro skirt and over-knee ballet boots. And she's also collared.
Model: Sasha Gemini - Photography: KinkyStyle.
(33 pictures)

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