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Lady Sweet is back and ready to be chained to her fancy designer chair. A ring gag completes the pretty picture.
Model: Lady Sweet - Photography: KinkyStyle.
(36 pictures)


Dress Up

The most lovely Nicky Alicia did a reverse striptease for us. Starting undressed, then putting on a catsuit, gloves, ballet boots, and a hood. Finally she is ball gagged and strapped with latex belts.
P.S. She looks amazing with the hood!
Model: Nicky Alicia - Photography: KinkyStyle - Bondage: Ropemarks.
(66 pictures)



Newcomer Cikka adores being a slave girl. And after a good bondage shoot, we put her in the closet for the night.
Model: Cikka - Photography: KinkyStyle.
(20 pictures)



Yes, it's Dutch Dame underneath that super-thin flesh-colored catsuit. Weird and sexy at the same time.
Model: Dutch Dame - Photography: KinkyStyle.
(31 pictures)



Anonymous newcomer DutchBlueBird is blindfolded and rope harnessed at first. Then her arms are tied behind her back, attached to her neck. Relaxing her arms puts the pressure on her neck. To make it more enduring, her hair is tied to the ceiling and a noose is put around her neck. Finally, her feet are lifted from the ground, nipple clamps are attached and the candles are lit for some wax-play.
Model: DutchBlueBird - Photography: KinkyStyle - Bondage: Ropemarks.
(32 pictures + 2-minute video)


Red Vengeance

Newcomer Lady Vengeance is her beautiful and ferocious self. And red is her color.
Model: Lady Vengeance - Photography: KinkyStyle.
(27 pictures)



Sasha Gemini is back. She's a real tigress! Enjoy a top model in a top catsuit.
Model: Sasha Gemini - Photography: KinkyStyle.
(31 pictures)



Beautiful Roswell is back for some bondage action. She's tied in a straitjacket catsuit and then gagged with a huge black ball gag.
Model: Roswell Ivory - Photography: KinkyStyle.
(29 pictures)


Hotel Session

That afternoon in the hotel... Wanilianna's breasts were tied up, she had to wear an armbinder, she had to endure a spider-gag, a blindfold... Such fun we had! 😉
Model: Wanilianna - Photography & Bondage: KinkyStyle.
(71 pictures)



Joanne Puzzle looks luscious, doesn't she? Standing at the top of the metal staircase, posing like she's untouchable, wearing her latex body and stockings. And don't you just love those boots?
Model: Joanne Puzzle - Photography: KinkyStyle.
(37 pictures)

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